riley-with-the-stomach-fluA few weeks ago we were at the child care center in our gym. My daughter heard a baby crying and like a parrot started mimicking the cry. I told her that it was not very nice to make fun of someone for crying. I don’t think she even realized it was being mean. I asked her how she would feel if someone made fun of her for crying. She stopped parroting and said “poor, sad baby”. (more…)

The Starter House

Landlord BluesFive years ago I became a landlord. My husband and I did this out of necessity when we bought a home for three when we still owned our home for two. I had never been a landlord before but I thought that after having been a renter during my college years and a small portion of my adulthood I knew what it entailed. What I failed to understand at that time is that not all tenants are the same. (more…)

Never too Old

Aimee Interrupter

I spent the day dressed up as Rainbow Dash with a car decorated for Trunk or Treat at my daughter’s school. It was what she wanted, and honestly both her Dad and I were a little relieved after having done a Kiss theme last year that received mixed reactions. The parents who knew us already knew no matter what we did we would be all in. So we were ponies and we rocked it. But Rainbow Dash can only sparkle for so long before she needs to throw on a pair of boots and dance to a little punk rock. Luckily my husband and I had concert tickets last night as well. (more…)

Hallway Lessons

It's not just a movie and sadly they don't always grow out of it.

It’s not just a movie and sadly they don’t always grow out of it.

Sometimes lessons come immediately and sometimes they come slowly. My daughter was jumping on the bed the other night as she does many nights. It’s part of her evening performance of “I don’t want to go to bed, and you can’t make me!” She missed the dismount in her grand finale of throwing herself down onto her pillow and torpetoed herself face first into her headboard. Her immediate response was to jump into my arms and say “You told me to stop jumping, you were right!” I wanted to savor the moment of hearing those three words I may never hear again from her mouth, but knew she needed ice, and fast. The swelling above her eye was enough to be uncomfortable the next day so we kept her home from school and iced her face most of the day watching her black eye develop. (more…)

If the Shoe Fits

Cinderella's slipperWe went to see Disney on Ice last weekend, and my child got so caught up in the magic that she became a real princess. As we were walking up the steps from our seats she turned around with a look of panic and said “My shoe, oh no my shoe!” I looked down and sure enough, her shoe had slipped off through the back of the stairs and fell underneath the stands. Quickly, her butler (who also answers to Grandpa) went to check with the guards to see if there was a way to retrieve the slipper. Cinderella sat on the steps crying while all of the other princesses climbed over her having heard the clock strike midnight (and being ushered by their coachmen.) Luckily, Gus and Jaq were there to whisk Cinderella away to her carriage. This was quite a task since Gus was wearing her favorite Michael Kors suede 5″ booties, not having expected to be carrying Cinderella up the stairs. Knowing that Gus is a fellow lover of shoes, Cinderella clung to her all the way to the top of the steps lamenting over her lost slipper. As Gus & Jaq were trying to exchange Cinderella for bottles of water and souvenir popcorn in each others arms the Butler returned with news that the slipper could only be retrieved by going into the bowels of the castle to a dungeon called “guest services” to sign scrolls upon scrolls and present proper identification. Having experienced the village idiots who worked in the dungeon, Gus decided to head straight to the carriage before it turned into a pumpkin. Alas, the carriage was found still a carriage and Cinderella was whisked away having forgotten about her lost slipper at the mention of her fairy godmother’s awaiting birthday cake. Now Gus just needs to find some replacement slippers before the next ball.