I Can Take You Where You Need To Go

Let’s go!

I accidentally signed up to be an Uber driver. I know this seems like something that should not be allowed to happen and I agree. But somehow, I did, in fact sign up. It happened when I was getting ready to go on a company trip. I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone by asking for a ride to the airport and I thought using Uber would be fun, so I added the app to my phone a few days before leaving. My husband and father thought me using Uber did not sound fun at all. In fact, they agreed that I would definitely end up in the trunk of a car bound and gagged. The feminist in me screamed “how dare you! I can do this myself!” and the realist in me agreed that it was probably not a good idea for a woman traveling alone to hop in the backseat of a stranger’s car. It was probably for the best considering when I tried to use the app I realized that I had not done what I had intended to do. Somehow I managed to sign myself up as a driver instead of a passenger. (more…)

Like a Fox

I am beginning to think someone is messing with me. We sold our rental property to an elderly couple a few months ago. During the closing process they changed the type of loan they would use to finance the house which delayed the closing. This wouldn’t have been a problem except that we had to make an additional house payment at the last minute to avoid a late payment penalty from the bank. I didn’t complain. I made the payment, let the title company reprocess the paperwork for the new closing amounts and proceeded with the transaction with a smile on my face. I was happy to be selling the house and walking away with a few dollars in my pocket. On the day of the closing I received a message that the buyers were requesting that we have the grass cut before the closing. I kept the smile on my face when responding no, I would not be dropping everything to call a landscaper out to the property an hour before our closing appointment. I also did not mention that the grass would not have been so long had they been able to get it together to close on the agreed upon date. I did, however, give them their new neighbor’s telephone number and let them know that he had cut the grass for us for a fair price. (more…)

Love & Marriage

August 28, 2004

August 28, 2004

My friend and her husband just celebrated their eighteenth wedding anniversary. I would say they are lucky, but anyone who has been married for a significant amount of time knows this isn’t true. They worked hard, they compromised, they sacrificed and they drove each other to the edge of sanity, and they made the choice to do it together, side by side. They earned those years. I love celebrating this kind of love. It makes me grateful that I married my best friend. (more…)

Someone has to be in charge…

Communist coloring

Coloring with my daughter is a little like coloring in a North Korean prison. She doles out the markers you are to use and marks your pages indicating where each color belongs. She hands me one marker at a time, only after she has tested the color to see if she likes it, saying “we can share”. Little Kim Jung Il comes over to check on my progress periodically and shakes her head at my inability to stay in the lines. She is clearly disappointed in my artistic abilities. This is nothing new. She once got very upset with me because I didn’t draw Velma’s arms correctly when I tried to help her finish a drawing. (more…)

Ask and You Shall Receive

An interesting thing happens when you put your thoughts into the Universe – it responds. If you want something, you need to ask for it. It seems simple, but I think a lot of us have a hard time doing this. I spent a large portion of my childhood learning to be self-sufficient. I was a proud child, declaring “I do it mine feltch!” I never let go of this. I have always tried to do things for myself. I don’t need help. My motto could be “I got this.” I once drove around for an hour lost because I refused to stop and ask for directions. God forbid a stranger in a gas station think I don’t know my way around a place I have never been! (more…)