My Life and Music

The chapters in my life are marked by what music I was listening to at the time. For instance, when I was a freshman at Michigan State University I listened to a lot of punk rock like Black Flag & Minor Threat. I used to have a crush on a DJ at the radio station so I called into his show a lot. Every time I called I asked him to play “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” by the Ramones. Subtle, I know. I would like to say my game got better as I got older, but it didn’t.My Life & Music - Frame 1. Comic strip art by John Logan III. (more…)

Party Etiquette

I never thought I would be googling Emily Post and proper party etiquette, but I found myself doing just that today. I was talking with a few co-workers about people not clearing their plates at informal parties and picnics and came to the conclusion that quite a few people do not immediately clear their plate from where they are sitting after finishing their meal. I started thinking back to all of the parties I have been to in my life (keggers and disturbingly unsupervised teenage house parties excluded) and how I have not only cleared my own plate, but been the designated bus-girl for most of the other guests. (more…)

Hello World!

Riley-Mirror-Hat-Clog-ShoesDo you ever feel like you are wearing a super hero costume under your clothes? Like you have this secret inner self that can come out when you need it to and be truly awesome? I do. My super hero costume is more like a Black Flag t-shirt. Sometimes it peeks out of my suit jacket when I’m sitting in a three hour meeting about the current tax law changes or my sundress when I’m at my daughter’s school picnic and whoever I’m talking to gets that smile like we share a secret joke. Sometimes they even let me see their costume too. (more…)