Composing a Ransom Note to the Tooth Fairy

My daughter was home from school with an ear infection on friday. After a trip to the doctor we were sent to the pharmacy to pick up an antibiotic. I was trying to insert my credit card into the chip reader while contemplating how she had made it through close to six years without ever having to ingest an antibiotic and now having two within six months. A high pitched voice chirped “I LOST MY TOOTH!!!” My daughter had finally shed her first baby tooth, the one that has been wiggling around for ten days, refusing to pop out. (more…)

Cutting the Cord

Claw hand waiting to reach out…

My daughter has been very clingy lately. I don’t know if it’s the age, or the time of year, but she has been like a fabric softener sheet stuck to my leg. Most of the other Kindergarten parents have started to drop their kids off and let them walk into school by themselves. Not me, I am still making that walk every morning down to my kid’s locker, trailing a few feet behind when I can, trying to become part of the background. She carries her lunch box and backpack as she leads me through the halls, around the corners, all the way to her locker. She puts her things away, chats with her classmates and gets ready for school to start all while I stand back and watch. If I lag behind too much she grabs on to my hand to drag me along. (more…)

Don’t Be a Bergen

She rides with attitude.

I had to run over to Target to buy some knee pads for my daughter. She has been riding her scooter outside since it has been warm and she fell and scraped her knee, so we told her she could wear knee pads while riding just in case she falls again. I was a little tempted to skip the sporting goods section and go straight for the office supplies to buy bubble wrap. She really is my child, she trips while standing still. I found the knee pads and headed straight for the checkout. I would normally stroll around for awhile just in case I needed something that wasn’t on my radar until I saw it but I have a bit of a cold so I am cranky and don’t really want to be out of the house any longer than I have to. (more…)

Emergency Kit

A snag gone horribly wrong!

Every week my daughter comes home from her ballet/tap class with a run in her tights. This is usually caused by a jagged toenail that I neglected to file properly, so I can’t really blame it on her.  I gave up on filing her toenails the day I saw her with her foot in her mouth gnawing on her big toe. Clearly, she has the job covered. Last week when she came home with snags and runs on both legs of her tights I decided that the best way to remove the tights would be to cut them off. This way she could put a pair of pants on over her leotard and we could head straight to the gym which was the plan for the evening. She didn’t have to disrobe or even lift a finger this way. I ushered her into the kitchen while telling her about the very first time I cut clothing off of her. (more…)

Get Uncle Ian his Walker

I was listening to the radio yesterday and the DJ referred to Fugazi as “Mom music”! Yes, you heard that right, my beloved Ian may be heard streaming from mini-vans across America soon, in the parking lots of Target and middle school parking lots during soccer practice. My hip aches at the thought of it. (more…)




My daughter is very much like her father in that she gets obsessed with something and does not let go for ages. The most recent obsession has been the Trolls movie and soundtrack. She actually has an alarm clock that I bought her when the movie was in theaters that I have been torturing her with for months. (Or not, I’m Not Giving Up Today!!) (more…)