I am 44 today and on this day I am celebrating another year on this planet by going to the Warped Tour. On what will be one of the hottest days of the summer I am going to gather with a bunch of fifteen year old kids and listen to really loud punk rock music. My fifteen year old self would have thought this to be awesome and my forty year old self would have found this to be very embarrassing. Four years ago I would have been stuck between trying to dress cool and look like I wasn’t a middle aged woman at a punk show or wearing a really low cut top in hopes that my boobs would distract everyone from the fact that I was a really uncool middle aged woman at a punk show. Today, I haven’t really thought about what I am going to wear or if I will look like a really uncool middle aged woman at a punk show. Today, I’m 100% okay with being uncool. I am spending the day with a bunch of sweaty teenagers because my five year old and I like the same band and we want to go see that band play live. Today I am going to spend time with my two very favorite people in the world smiling, and laughing and singing and dancing, and probably sweating profusely. So, yeah, today is kind of like every other friday in my house (minus the profuse sweating – I’m not THAT old), except when I get home tonight there will be an excuse to eat cake.