Riley-Mirror-Hat-Clog-ShoesDo you ever feel like you are wearing a super hero costume under your clothes? Like you have this secret inner self that can come out when you need it to and be truly awesome? I do. My super hero costume is more like a Black Flag t-shirt. Sometimes it peeks out of my suit jacket when I’m sitting in a three hour meeting about the current tax law changes or my sundress when I’m at my daughter’s school picnic and whoever I’m talking to gets that smile like we share a secret joke. Sometimes they even let me see their costume too.

I think that my inner hero is a lot like myself as a child – excited and full of life –you know, before the world came in and made me cynical. It’s when I didn’t have self-doubt and shame and all that other crap we start carrying around as we grow up. It was when I truly had no cares. It was when I wore a tutu and my aunt’s old platform shoes to play baseball because what little girl doesn’t want to look like a disco dancing ballerina while hitting a few balls into the side of her neighbor’s house?

I’ve been letting that kid out to play a lot more these days. She needs some fresh air. The world can be much too serious and I can get all wrapped up in the unimportant things like making sure the dishwasher is loaded properly. I worry less about who sees my Black Flag t-shirt coming untucked from my pencil skirt, because really, who doesn’t love a little punk rock?!?