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This is Why We Stay Home

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My husband loves to go to the movies. I do not. Once or twice a year, I throw him a bone and we go to a movie theater. Unfortunately for him this usually also requires that we go to dinner and spend the night at a fancy hotel. This is not because I am high maintenance, this is because I am a creature of habit. Since the year we were married we have been going to the Townsend Hotel for an overnight stay. We go to dinner and a movie, sleep in and eat like pigs. Truth be told, it is all about the bakery basket we get in the morning with breakfast. He could probably save a lot of money by heading straight to the bakery. All he would have to do it stuff his pockets full of pastries and I would follow him anywhere. We could skip the dinner and head straight for the movie as long as he fed me those pastries.Last Saturday was one of our nights out. And as part of that night we went to the dreaded movie theater. It’s not that I don’t like movies. I love movies. I just don’t like watching them with other people.