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I'm a Square Peg

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Excerpt: My boss thinks I am an idiot. He doesn’t say it in as many words, but it shows more often than not in his actions. He asked me to do some research on a project for a foreign client. I did the research and gave him and the client the information two weeks ago. He then discussed the project with another individual in the office who is a little like the wizard of Oz, running everything from behind the curtain. She is never wrong about anything and is very happy to tell you how right she is in the form of red corrections on any of your work she sees needs fixing. I call her the red pen lady. She reviews the work of idiots like me who can’t spell their own name without help. We often get this work returned to us with red marks all over it where we missed crossing a “t” or dotting an “i”. Nothing leaves the office before she has approved it. So of course my boss had to get her involved in this project.