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Get Uncle Ian His Walker

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I was listening to the radio yesterday and the DJ referred to Fugazi as “Mom music”! Yes, you heard that right, my beloved Ian may be heard streaming from mini-vans across America soon, in the parking lots of Target and middle school parking lots during soccer practice. My hip aches at the thought of it. I guess I should have known this day was coming when I walked into Nordstrom a few weeks ago and found myself shaking my butt as Modest Mouse played in the kids shoe department. I just thought it was a good day to be standing in front of the tiny size Doc Martens as Isaac Brock sang about fender benders with cops and losing jobs. I guess it was bound to happen, I mean the song that followed the DJ’s description of the new “mom music” was “Waiting Room” so I can see where it might appeal to the mom-jean sector of society. My life is officially over. I’m keeping the radio off today before I hear and more bad news… Oh wait.