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I Can Take You Where You Need To Go

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Excerpt: I accidentally signed up to be an Uber driver. I know this seems like something that should not be allowed to happen and I agree. But somehow, I did, in fact sign up. It happened when I was getting ready to go on a company trip. I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone by asking for a ride to the airport and I thought using Uber would be fun, so I added the app to my phone a few days before leaving. My husband and father thought me using Uber did not sound fun at all. In fact, they agreed that I would definitely end up in the trunk of a car bound and gagged. The feminist in me screamed “how dare you! I can do this myself!” and the realist in me agreed that it was probably not a good idea for a woman traveling alone to hop in the backseat of a stranger’s car. It was probably for the best considering when I tried to use the app I realized that I had not done what I had intended to do. Somehow I managed to sign myself up as a driver instead of a passenger.