I don’t know how my husband puts up with me, I really don’t. I was having a conversation with my daughter this morning about how many bows in her hair were too many and I realized that nobody can really take me seriously since I speak fluently in sarcasm. When I say something looks great, I am usually being sarcastic. When I say someone is smart, I am usually being sarcastic. And when I say I totally agree that I am being a giant A-hole, I am most definitely being sarcastic. That is because I don’t see my sarcasm as anything but really funny. Well, it’s funny to me at least.

There is a downside to being as hilariously sarcastic as me. Your child picks up on it and also becomes fluent in the language by the time she can walk. As she gets a little older she learns to use it against you. At age six she says things to me like “Wow Mom, that dress looks GREAT!” Luckily she doesn’t have a very developed taste in clothing yet so she says that about most of my dresses just to be funny. But I already see my future and it is not looking like it will be full of authentic compliments. I’ll chalk this up to you reap what you sow and try to watch my mouth!