I will take any bad week that ends like this!

I will take any bad week that ends like this!

Do you ever feel like you are failing miserably at everything you do? Those days suck. Especially when you have five or six of them in a row. A co-worker of mine walked into my office last week and said “this day has been a long week.” She didn’t realize what she had said until the words had escaped her lips, but she couldn’t have been more right in the sentiment. It is those days when everything you touch either explodes or crumbles and there isn’t a thing you can do about it but move on to the next thing.

I sent my daughter to school on Monday wearing Rainbow Dash emblazoned tennis shoes instead of her navy blue mary-jane uniform shoes. I spent the rest of that day thinking her missing uniform shoes had been at my parents’ house where she had last taken them off only to find them at home that night about a foot away from where they normally are stored. I have a lot of these little mom fails. All moms do. It’s not a big deal. I spent most of that morning worrying that my Mom was going to be hard on herself because I knew she would take the blame for the shoes even though it wasn’t her fault. I was actually a little relieved when the shoes were located at our house. Although the vague recollection of putting the shoes exactly where they were found didn’t help me feel much better that night. Tomorrow was a new day, right?

I followed it up on Tuesday by running into school late mostly because I couldn’t get my shit together in the morning. Seriously, I just could not get out the door on time. Score two for worst mom of the year. We speed walked down the hall straight for her locker, heads down to miss any of the teacher head shakes of disapproval. I didn’t want to see their looks that screamed “come on mom, get it together!” I had promised myself a long time ago that my kid would not be late to school because of me. She can’t get herself there and she shouldn’t have to endure any looks of pity from the teachers that she has the Mom that can’t manage to tell time.I mean seriously, school starts at the same time every day. But there we were. I did the walk of shame back to my car alone, spared at least the eyes of the parents who can tell time because they had left already. They probably even got to their jobs on time!

For the hat trick on Wednesday I neglected to dress my kid in her brand new spirit day shirt given to her a week prior from the head of school with a note attached to the sleeve explaining what days it was to be worn on. Yes, there was a note attached with a list of days that the shirt was to be worn on. I even read the note and put the days in my calendar! Apparently I should have pinned said note to my sleeve for better reference. We were three steps out of the car when I saw the first kid and the little voice in my head screamed “NOOOOOOO!!!” My heart sank a little after each kid we passed wearing their jeans and spirit day shirts in the hall. I prayed she wouldn’t be the only one wearing her normal uniform, but alas, when we arrived at her classroom we were greeted by a room full of spirit. Later that night she of course told me that she was in fact the only kid not wearing the shirt. Really, there are no parents out there failing this simple stuff too?

It wouldn’t be so hard to swallow the mom fails if I were killing it at the office, but I’m not. And that’s really what causes all of the other trickle down. I get busy at work and then other things fall through the cracks. I end up at Target at nine at night buying toothpaste, vitamins and back-up underpants just in case the laundry doesn’t make it in time for school the next day. But I guess that’s life. Needless to say, this day has been a long week, this week a long month. Luckily tomorrow is a new day and I get the chance to do it all a little better.