My daughter’s last day of kindergarten was last week. After she picked up her prize for “her excellent French skills and for always being an active participant during class”, I picked up her report card. I was happy to see that she had mastered all of the skills expected by the end of kindergarten and had already begun working on her first grade skills. She was actually pretty far ahead in reading, which we were already aware of. She reads “chapter books” to us nightly. One of her teachers had also mentioned to me what a good reader she is. I had inwardly patted myself on the back for reading to her in utero – I take my wins wherever I can!

A few hours after we returned home I started to pick up all of the papers that had been collecting on the coffee table. As my husband turned to pick up some papers on the floor he caught my daughter with an orange crayon in her hand coloring in part of her “wheel” in the reading column of her report card. Apparently she had a different opinion about how much further ahead she was in her reading skills! It looks like I will soon need a forensic specialist to authenticate her report cards and ferret out any changes she has made to her grades. I’m really looking forward to not having to write notes to her teachers in the next few years. I figure she will be forging my name in no time!



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