Last Monday of Kindergarten!

Yesterday was my daughter’s last Monday in Kindergarten. She has less than two weeks left of school and then she will be home for the summer. This is going to be an interesting summer. Since she has been in school she has spent summer days with her Grandparents. A few years ago I took Fridays off work so she and I could have one day a week to spend alone together. We spent most of those days sleeping in late and going to the zoo. These were fun days for her but it only lasted for about ten weeks before it became unfeasible at my office. Since then she has always spent summers as well as any other school breaks at her grandparents’ house. She does not expect this summer to be any different, even though I have told her repeatedly that since I now work from home she will be spending more time with me. My daughter has a gift for being able to completely ignore information she does not want to know. Spending her summer vacation with her mother is apparently exactly the kind of information she does not want to know. I tell myself this is perfectly normal for every six year old girl to not want to spend time with her mother. I have a gift for making the abnormal seem perfectly normal in my brain.

I understand why she wants to be at Grandma and Grandpa’s house as much as possible. There is a certain word she doesn’t hear in their house. It starts with “n” and ends in “o”. This is a word she hears quite often in our house. For instance, when she asks for candy at 9 am or when she requests to wear a formal dress to play outside. I’m not saying that my parents have no rules for her to follow, they are just of the grandparent variety as opposed to the mean, rotten parent variety. The other big draw to Ann & Pat’s house of fun is her best friend, Grandpa! When my daughter and my Dad are together pretty much anything can happen. My poor Mom really has two children to watch all day long. When I hear things like “don’t put a knife in your mouth, that’s dangerous!” I’m never really sure if she is talking to my daughter or my Dad. Sadly, it’s usually the old man. The same goes for “make sure you wash your hands” and “put some clothes on, the neighbors can see you!” When she has had enough of their nonsense, she can always send them to the park for an hour, but often times that creates the added work of applying bandages when they return from their adventure.

The more I am thinking about this, the more I am wondering if being home with my daughter this summer is the best idea. I mean, what if she wants her buddy to come over for a play date. Sadly, I suspect that scenario would end up being more of a three musketeers adventures. Actually, the Three Stooges are probably more accurate. I tend to fall right into whatever idea my Dad comes up with, good or bad. Somehow I see my Mom applying a lot of bandages this summer, to all three of us knuckleheads. Sorry Mom!