I saved his contact under “Genius”

Sometimes I can’t help myself. I mean, seriously, it was impossible for me not to respond with a snarky message. Yes, I filed your tax return with zero information from you!?!

I worked with an older CPA for a number of years. When he passed away in 2005 I was left with his clients who have now become my clients. Even when I worked for another firm for the last decade I still always had these clients on the side. They have become almost like family since they have been around for twenty years now. This particular client in this text is the son of one of my clients. He contacts me every two to three years to file his tax returns. He says things to me like “You need to find me more deductions!” and I respond with things like “You have a W-2 and no expenses, you rent an apartment and you don’t itemize… if you would like more deductions I suggest you get married and have lots of kids!” He never responds to that strangely. He’s probably out looking for that wife and kids I mentioned.