My husband texted me last week to let me know that the check had arrived from the people who bought our rental property and didn’t change the DTE account into their name. I replied with a text that I was happy they did not send a bag of walnuts like I had expected. He then sent me this picture:

Better than a bag of walnuts

Better than a bag of walnuts!

This made me really excited for a few reasons. a) I really like chocolate b) when people tell me they can’t figure out how to get to my blog I know they are lying because an eighty year old couple was able to do it and c) the elderly couple who bought our house has a sense of humor. I floated around my office for about an hour thinking how nice it was that the nice little old couple not only did the right thing but could also laugh at themselves. I was just about to send them a housewarming gift when my husband informed me that the chocolate in the mailbox was actually a gift from my Mom to him for something totally unrelated to the old house’s utility bill. As my bubble popped I reminded myself that the old couple really did do the right thing and I had chocolate waiting for me at home. It may not be a great story, but life is pretty good.