Why are you all dressed up ladies? Didn't you hear there are no men coming!

Why are you all dressed up ladies? Didn’t you hear there are no men coming!

I was standing in the lobby of Aria the other night with a few of my coworkers watching as a line formed for the nightclub and one of the men in our group pointed out that the line consisted of about two hundred young women. He was fascinated by this. What was more fascinating to him was the fact that they were all dressed up in mini dresses and high heels. He said “why would they spend all that time getting dressed up? There are no guys here to impress.” I don’t know if my mouth dropped open or not at the question but he proceeded to keep talking anyway. He said “I like my chances with this many women.” Still I continued to say nothing. The middle aged nerdy accountant liked his chances with the two hundred twenty five year old girls in line. Somehow I think his pickup line may have been “so, why are you so dressed up, there are hardly any men here….” Little did he know there was a concierge inside passing out sweatshirts and pajama bottoms for all of the women when they became aware that there were no men inside waiting for their approval.

At one point he thanked me and a female coworker for making it less awkward for he and our other male companion to get the view without seeming creepy. I don’t know if that was actually accomplished since at one point he actually took out his phone and video taped the line. I’m glad he wasn’t feeling awkward! I’m not sure if he was aware that we were in a city full of strip clubs where women were being paid to be oggled by middle aged men but I didn’t want to bring it up in fear that he would suggest we head there. He was not even alone in his outward display of creepiness. I watched as twenty something man walked by all of the ladies and proceeded to clap his hands and rub them together like a fox salivating over his choice of chickens in the hen house. I wanted to tell him please stop before all of the ladies immediately dropped their panties and threw themselves at his feet after that display of machismo.

So ladies, fear not. The male ego is still alive and well. And strangely its really strong among the nerdy accountants of the world.