The day after Thanksgiving 2003

The day after Thanksgiving 2003

Sometimes I am so full of gratitude that it leaks out of my eyes. And what better day to be grateful than on Thanksgiving. I was standing in my kitchen washing green beans thinking about the people I have met in my life and how grateful I am for all of them, good and bad, the lessons I have learned from all of these interactions no matter how big or small that have shaped me into who I am right now. Thirteen years ago on the day after Thanksgiving I sat eating a pumpkin pie in bed with this guy. I didn’t know then that his life and my life would become our life. And today there is one more in bed to share the pie and hog the whipped cream. Life is really good.


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I’m Jen. I am a mom, wife, daughter, friend and often times the bad influence your mom warned you about. I am good with words, numbers and dysfunctional people. I tend to find humor in situations that aren’t really funny and I laugh at my own jokes.