My daughter got punched in the face by a three year old little girl the other day while she was at the child care center at our gym. When the little girl was asked why she did it she said she didn’t know. My daughter’s reaction to getting socked in the head was not at all what I would have expected. She didn’t retaliate, she didn’t cry, she told an adult and went about her business. This very minor random act of violence didn’t bring her down one bit. This made me very proud and very confused. I was of course proud that she did the right thing, but honestly, I did not expect that reaction. I expected her to fight back, to get angry, to be outraged. I expected her to think that the other child’s action was about her in some way. I expected her to internalize the other child’s anger or frustration or fear. I expected her act like me!

Riley flower girl

Riley flower girl

My little mini is so much smarter than I am though.Already at the young age of five she knew that maybe the other little girl’s actions had absolutely nothing to do with her, didn’t really affect her, and didn’t need to be thought about for more than the few minutes it took to let someone else take on the problem. She knew better than to let a little thing bother her and keep her from doing her thing. Man, that kid has got it together and I don’t know how it happened! I would like to say it is all the wonderful parenting we are doing, but I know that just isn’t the case and I know the gene pool she comes from so it certainly isn’t coming from there. All I know is that I am going to keep watching with amazement when she acts like the rock star she is and be there to dry her tears and say I understand when she cries and hits the other kid back.


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